Artists of the Month

It’s no secret that ICS is bursting at the seams with artistic talent. You don’t have to look far to see beautiful masterpieces hanging on the walls of classrooms or displayed proudly in hallways. However, art is not always a colourful picture or a sketch on paper. Our first artist of the month, middle school student Esther Ko, was chosen because of her dancing ability. Ms Kuang, who is the teacher for the middle school dance crew, had this to say about her: “Esther Ko has been dancing with the Middle School Dance Crew for three seasons now and has shown many exceptional qualities. She demonstrates leadership, the ability to learn her steps quickly and she has a positive attitude that encourages others. I’ve appreciated having her on the dance team not only because of her dancing ability but also because of her commitment to the team. She stands out as having discipline, an eagerness to learn and is just a fun person to have around at practice.” We are so proud of you, Esther! Keep up the good work.

Our High School Artist of the Month is none other than the very talented Josh Sullivan. Mr. Moore, teacher of High School and Middle School art, says the following: “Josh has been in so many ICS Art classes in the past (digital Art, drawing, 3-D and ceramics, not to mention a couple years of WWoW mural projects in the Philippines as a painter and eventually a team leader). It is no surprise that he is now in AP during his senior year and doing very well. For his AP portfolio ‘concentration’ – he is utilizing 3-D printing and digital 3-D modelling/design skills alongside living plants to explore the role of humans as stewards of the environment – a portion of our ministry reconciliation to God.” If you want to check out some of his art work, head to It’s so inspiring to see the talent that the students of ICS have. Congratulations, Esther and Josh! We look forward to seeing where your passion leads you in the future.

Last but not least, Mrs. Lee nominated the entire 2nd and 3rd grade class as the Elementary Artists of the month. On Friday, March 20th, the 2nd and 3rd grade students presented a musical entitled, “Here for the Gold: Finding Treasure in the Stories Jesus Told!” The ICS Percussion Club, performed by a few elementary students, had the special opportunity to contribute to the musical. The students worked hard and enjoyed sharing about Jesus through songs and acting. The performance was fun, captivating, and enjoying. Mrs. Lee said, “The night was amazing and very well received by the audience. The Lord was worshiped through song the whole evening long.” Christ was honored through the hours of hard work leading up to the night, as well as the joy in the children’s hearts as they sang for God’s glory. Great work 2nd and 3rd graders!

Here is a link where you can watch the performance:
Pictures of the evening can be found here:



By: Deborah Cole & Rebekah Ditzenberger


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