The Fun Fest

During this time of year, ICS celebrates a day of fun for both teachers and students. It’s a great time for fellowship and building relationships with all the people that we know at the school. This year, we had the Fun Fest, which is a day of playing games, watching shows, and competing with the other students and teachers. This event occurred  on Saturaday, April 11th, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. This day replaces the traditional ‘Fun Run’ that ICS usually celebrates at this time of year. Upon arrival, people had their dinner in the field, followed by art shows and music performances by the Middle School/High School Choir. At 5:45 and onwards, there was a series of games and food, with various music shows in between. There was the Wheelbarrow Race, Water Balloon Toss, the Basketball Raffie, as well as the Auctions. In the days following up to the Fun Fest, people also got raffle tickets today in the Front Office, for the good things in the raffle baskets donated by the students. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed this new way of celebrating the day, aside from the ‘Fun Run’ in the previous years.

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