Shakespeare in the Park

Have you bought your tickets for the Shakespeare in the Park event next week Thursday? This year’s performance is The Tempest. The play,written in 1610, involves wicked magic, ship-splitting storms, betrayal, the divine, and the supernatural divine. It follows a man named Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, who are stranded on an island. The performance will be 2 hours and 30 minutes long and will be held at Fort Canning Park.(click to see map)

For the past few years, ICS students have been attending these Shakespeare plays as a part of their English Literature programme performed by the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

Last year, the students of ICS watched a performance of The Merchant of Venice.

Tickets are $39; quickly purchase your tickets for the play at the front office. The actual ticket will be given at the venue. Come bring your friends and picnic under the resplendent night skies and trees of Fort Canning Park.

Please note that all high school students are required to watch. 

The performance is on 30th April, Thursday at 7:30pm, but students are expected to be there by 6:00. The Friday of that week is Labor Day, so we students can have a little break after this performance.

shakespeare in the park


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