The Book Thief

Looking for a book to read over the Summer? Look no further! Mark Zusak’s The Book Thief is a book you won’t regret reading – in fact, you’ll probably want to read it more than once. With Death as the narrator, the book follows the life of the young German Liesel Meminger in the midst of World War II, who discovers a deep love for words while Hitler was trying to burn books. Follow her exciting journey as she meets Max, a runaway Jew who lives in her basement, Rudy, her best friend, and her other unlikely companions. Zusak offers a new perspective on the effects of the war and the fear, but also the joy they found in being with each other, during that time period. Also, if you’re not up for reading it, the movie is pretty good too! (but books are ALWAYS better. Always).



book thief

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