Staff Poetry Contest – The Results are in!

After a month of careful examination and voting, the results for the 3rd Annual Staff Poetry Contest are in. It was a close run this year with a winner from 2 categories: Student Favorite, and Most … [Read more...]

ICS’s First Ultimate Frisbee Team

ICS has a new sport for third season athletics: Ultimate Frisbee. Run by Mr. Whittaker, the Frisbee team has been practicing since mid-February. The team recently played their second game at West … [Read more...]

Sophomore Study Habits

Well, this will be fun. We as students should always study for tests or quizzes or just classes in general, but how much do we actually study? I asked some sophomores how they truly study and these … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a celebration mainly celebrated in China, but it is felt all throughout Asia, including our home, Singapore. You most likely know of the celebration, but do you know everything … [Read more...]

Ferguson Riots

What would you do if everyone around you was committing crimes to "justify" a wrong-doing of a single person? The people fighting against that single wrong-doer are committing crimes that have little … [Read more...]

Humans of ICS

A new social media account is reaching out to the students of ICS. This account is called HumansofICS, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram. It is run by a mysterious duo that are great friends … [Read more...]

The Art Calendar has been Decided

This is what we've been waiting for, the results of the art calendar have been revealed. ICS has been voting over the past week and now we know the top 13 artists being put into the 2015 Calendar. The … [Read more...]

Cross Country’s Final Run

The High School Cross Country team competed in their final race on Thursday, the ACSIS championship race. The race happened at Bedok Reservoir. This run ended out Cross Country's season with a bang, … [Read more...]

Mr. Falcone: An Expert at the Running Man

Now I'm not sure if he is a professional at the dance, but he is a running man. Mr. Falcone is the high school physics teacher, gym teacher, and cross country coach here at ICS. He is a great runner, … [Read more...]

Does ICS have talent?

ICS is having their annual talent show,"ICS Has Talent", on Saturday, October 11. Auditions are being held this Friday, October 3. If you believe you have got what it takes, come out to room B301 at … [Read more...]