The School Year in Memes

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Week Without Walls — Keep Up With Each Team!

Want to keep up with what each team is doing?   Check out the main ICS page for any update that teams send. Week Without Walls Team Updates   For specific teams, visit these … [Read more...]

Jubilee, or Life in the School

A Few Moments Caught in Time WINNER!!! RYAN LIM FREE ICE CREAM FOR A WEEK!* look through the images for how you can win.   *Limited to students only. First student to respond correctly … [Read more...]

Study, anyone?

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Breaks are Near!

Are you all tired of school yet? Well, here is some hope for you: every week of October, we have a day off, so each school week is only four days long! After that, we will have Thanksgiving break for … [Read more...]

Caleb, On a serious note, you have been one of my favorite students at ICS--willing to voice your opinion but willing to listen to others. Thank you for enlivening our class with your wit and … [Read more...]

Senior Presentations!

Don't miss this opportunity to hear the Senior Class of 2014 share research from their Senior Thesis Projects. Presentations start Monday, April 14th. Here is the schedule: Monday, April 14 … [Read more...]

Banquet 2014

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Faculty / Staff Poetry Contest

Mrs. White's 10th Grade English Class is pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Faculty/Staff Poetry Contest. The class thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing the various poems we … [Read more...]

I Am Thankful For…

For the month of Thanksgiving, the journalism team asked a number of students and teachers, "what are you thankful for?" Here is the list of their pictures and answers! … [Read more...]