We will miss Caleb Rigsby

Caleb Rigsby has been an integral part of ICS since the day he arrived at the gates as a little elementary kid. With his progression through the grades, he has brought blessings and joy to all those … [Read more...]

Senior Graduation

On the Friday of May 23, the seniors will be graduating from ICS. There will be speeches, honors, celebration, and cakes.  Come to the ICS gym at 7 PM to celebrate their departure from high school! … [Read more...]

Digital Art

The first thoughts that come to mind when the word “art” is mentioned are paintings, sculptures, murals, and more. The art room is indeed  filled with a myriad of artworks depicting colors, abstract … [Read more...]

Sports Awards Night

On May 10th this Saturday, ICS will be holding the annual Sports Awards Night. Families and friends who come will enjoy the food served at 5:30 PM, and then go up to the gym to watch the awards being … [Read more...]

Hidden ICS Athletic Talents

Disclaimer: This article may not be entirely based on the truth –but all individuals mentioned except for Caleb Rigsby have given their approval for publishing. AMOS CHI: One quote from Amos chi … [Read more...]

Lasalle Art Show

On March 1st, the AP Art class had an art show to display their AP Art Breadth. Friends and family came to see the exhibition in Lowercase at Lasalle University. With music, food, and free pizza from … [Read more...]

ICS’s Louisiana Chicken

With its compact student population and emphasis on interpersonal relationships, ICS has boasted of being a community – oriented school. The students, parents, and faculty have much to take credit for … [Read more...]

Senior Thesis

The second semester of school signals a crisis for the seniors - it is the Senior Thesis, a dreaded minimum 12 page research paper that is infamous for its draining effects on free time, body, mind, … [Read more...]


So great is the viewership of the super bowl that it costs $133000 per second to air an advertisement. In this year’s super bowl, the coca cola ad was worth every penny and second. For those who have … [Read more...]

WWAD Winners

The winning team of the February 14 STUCO event, WWAD, was “The Spikers”. For their hard-earned points in the games of volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball, the team has won free admission to all … [Read more...]