Seniors Hall of Fame (part 2)

We are back with a second article where we feature our dearest, beloved seniors. Now, we have interviewed a new set of seniors to find out what else they wish to say to us and what words of wisdom … [Read more...]

Shakespeare in the Park

Have you bought your tickets for the Shakespeare in the Park event next week Thursday? This year's performance is The Tempest. The play,written in 1610, involves wicked magic, ship-splitting storms, … [Read more...]

Around the World in Eighty Days presented by our ICS players

Next week, on the 24th of April, Friday and 25th of April, Saturday, the ICS players will be presenting an epic musical filled with adventure, humor, hilarious show-tunes, and romance. Join Phileas … [Read more...]

To our Readers.

Beyond the oceans and seas of student's papers to mark, teachers do, in fact, engage in more mundane activities. One of which is reading. All of us here in Knightly News know very well how ardently … [Read more...]

Art-Is(t) Fun in Our Schoolll

Scroll down for a video interview with our very own Gibby Pena! In ICS, you readers have had the chance to learn about the various sports teams and their victories. Not commonly mentioned, however, … [Read more...]

So you think you’re Allergic?

So you're at the Christmas dinner table and you eat a mouthful of the scrumptious looking Christmas fruitcake. You talk to your relatives for awhile and suddenly, a stifling sensation creeps up your … [Read more...]


IT IS THE ENDDDDDDD.... of the semester. Can you believe it? There is only 3 weeks left in our semester, and very obviously, that is indicative of the end of the year. Personally, I feel as if the … [Read more...]

StuCo’s Game Night.

The Student Council game night which I am sure many of you have been waiting for has been (unfortunately and regrettably, on the Student Council's side) cancelled due to the usual communication … [Read more...]


"To pee or not to pee, that is the question," says the sign posted above the portrait of William Shakespeare. You might wonder what kind of crazy place this may be. Well, the answer lies in room … [Read more...]

Inside-Scoop on Scrooge

[Read more...]