Nepal Earthquake

On the nineteenth of April, a massive earthquake struck Nepal. The most recent count has concluded that over 7,900 people have died and over 17,00 people are injured. Not only has this earthquake … [Read more...]

AP Exams

AP Exams are coming up! Many students are taking one or multiple AP classes this year, so they are (hopefully) studying hard for the exams. Here is the schedule in case you missed it from Mr. Ingram … [Read more...]

Banquet Coming Up

Junior/Senior Banquet is coming up on April 18 from 7:00- 10:30 pm! It will be held at Sentosa. It's not a beach party, but will be a dance - just for your information so that you don't humiliate … [Read more...]

Basketball Night + AP Meetings + Car Wash

This coming Monday at 4:30, there will be three events happening at the ICS campus. First of all, there will be a basketball game with students against adults, whether that be teachers, parents, or … [Read more...]

High School Basketball

The ICS Knights have pushed hard all year long, through the wins and loses, ups and downs. For the high schoolers, season two (basketball season)  is coming to a close. Teams are finishing up their … [Read more...]

Our Lovely Ms. Keister

         There are many interesting people at ICS, and a major one is one of the high school social studies teachers, Ms. Keister! Funny, smart, kind, easygoing, relatable, and affable are some of her … [Read more...]


The play is coming this Friday and Saturday! If you have not bought tickets yet, you probably should as soon as possible. It is mandatory for all students to go to the play, but it will be worth every … [Read more...]

Encouraging Words

There have been many birthdays in November, but this Friday is the very own high school principal's birthday! Remember to wish him a happy birthday and give that corny guy a pun or two! There are … [Read more...]

Avoid Injury

Athletes become injured all throughout sports season and even off-season. Every athlete wants to prevent this. It is somewhat avoidable; however, one can only do so much to keep himself from becoming … [Read more...]

Winter Play

Every year, the ICS students produce a play or two, either one time a year or one time per semester. This year, there will be a musical! It is on the 21 and 22 of November. Buy your tickets soon! Come … [Read more...]