Holland’s Annual King’s Day

Welcome back! On April 29th, Holland celebrated its annual King's Day. This particular day is where the Dutch Royal Family celebrates the King's birthday. This has been an annual tradition, previously … [Read more...]

Movie Review – Cinderella

Hello fellow Knights! This past weekend I had the privilege of watching the new movie in theaters, Cinderella. The movie left everyone in the theaters in good spirits, as the film depicts a … [Read more...]

Both Varsity Teams Take Home the Gold!

This past weekend of February 6th and 7th, the Varsity boys and girls basketball teams both competed in the final championships game to take either first or second place. As a Knight, Fellow … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolution Review

So! It is that time of year again where we think to ourselves, "I want to do better in school." "I am not going to procrastinate this year." or, "I want to be healthy and lose a few pounds." Well, if … [Read more...]

The CHRIST in Christmas

The day has come at last! The 1st of December which has put most of us in to the Christmas spirit! As we, students, teachers, and other staff prepare for this favourite holiday, what's going through … [Read more...]

Social Media and Technology: Is It Good or Bad?

Social media, something we all use these days to get around, communicate with friends, and just about anything else. All this technology is genuinely a blessing in some ways, but could it be a hazard … [Read more...]

Tips and tricks to being happy and healthy – Without dieting

Alright, so these days, all health is about is counting and cutting down on calories, no carbs, no sugars and absolutely NO fats. What if I told you that most of these health beliefs are sheer … [Read more...]

High School Varsity Soccer Team Gets an Offer!!

As you know, the High School Boys soccer team have had a very successful season, with a win - loose ratio of 5:2!! Recently, as an inside source (like their coach) revealed, the boys have been … [Read more...]

Padgett’s Pocky Sticks

So you hand in your Bible test, and Mr. padgett says, "Grab a Pocky stick" This is not an unusual event. One day, I walked up to the one and only, Padgett and decided to interview him. Not … [Read more...]

High School Annual Lock – In

Hello all High School students! If you are looking for an evening filled with food, sports, and dancing, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! The Annual High School Lock - In is taking place next week: … [Read more...]