Healthy Habits

  As you may have noticed, the school year is very quickly coming to an end. We at Knightly News want you to be your healthiest, happiest, best self right up until the very last day. So, … [Read more...]

Real Community Service

Here at ICS, each High School student is required to have three hours of community service completed by each quarter in order to graduate. This is fairly common among High School students across the … [Read more...]

Social Media and Technology: Is It Good or Bad?

Social media, something we all use these days to get around, communicate with friends, and just about anything else. All this technology is genuinely a blessing in some ways, but could it be a hazard … [Read more...]

Ferguson Riots

What would you do if everyone around you was committing crimes to "justify" a wrong-doing of a single person? The people fighting against that single wrong-doer are committing crimes that have little … [Read more...]

How About Block Schedule?

Block scheduling or not: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler at school to suffer The hours and hours of heavy workloads, Or to make a stand, against this current schedule, and by so … [Read more...]

Ebola, You Say?

The recent outbreaks of Ebola internationally have caused mass panic. West Africa was the receptor of even more negative public reaction than usual, and flights internationally were cancelled. One … [Read more...]

Celebrities: The Fine Line Between Idolizing and Admiring

Alisha Green, a popular blogger, stated in one of her recent posts, “I just realized my entire life revolves around celebrities...I would be a lifeless wandering soul without them!” Somehow, I don’t … [Read more...]

Why The Lakers Will Be The 2015 NBA Champions

Forget about last year, and the year before that, the Los Angeles Lakers are back. Stronger than ever. Here's why.   First of all, the Lakers have acquired point guard Jeremy Lin, which … [Read more...]

Ruminations on Rigsby

Caleb Rigsby: a man, a myth, and a legend. But what is it about him that makes him so entrancing? Is it that dreamily condescending look in his eyes? Or is it that amazingly engaging and uplifting … [Read more...]


The defining quality of procrastination is this: that each and every time it is identified as procrastination, it is no longer procrastination. We may say it is so, and oftentimes people shamelessly … [Read more...]