Seniors Hall of Fame (part 2)

We are back with a second article where we feature our dearest, beloved seniors. Now, we have interviewed a new set of seniors to find out what else they wish to say to us and what words of wisdom … [Read more...]

Seniors’ Hall of Fame (Part One)

In order to celebrate our precious class of 2015, we at Knightly News decided to ask some of the seniors a few questions. This week, the lovely Tabitha Graves, Milda Daminaite, Naomi Ditzenberger and … [Read more...]

Artists of the Month

It's no secret that ICS is bursting at the seams with artistic talent. You don't have to look far to see beautiful masterpieces hanging on the walls of classrooms or displayed proudly in hallways. … [Read more...]

Sophomore Study Habits

Well, this will be fun. We as students should always study for tests or quizzes or just classes in general, but how much do we actually study? I asked some sophomores how they truly study and these … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolution Review

So! It is that time of year again where we think to ourselves, "I want to do better in school." "I am not going to procrastinate this year." or, "I want to be healthy and lose a few pounds." Well, if … [Read more...]

“That’s the spirit”

To anyone that Mr. Stern has taught, he is no average teacher. In teaching style and in personality, he stands out from most educators. I have the privilege of being in one of his classes, and the … [Read more...]

Our Lovely Ms. Keister

         There are many interesting people at ICS, and a major one is one of the high school social studies teachers, Ms. Keister! Funny, smart, kind, easygoing, relatable, and affable are some of her … [Read more...]

Humans of ICS

A new social media account is reaching out to the students of ICS. This account is called HumansofICS, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram. It is run by a mysterious duo that are great friends … [Read more...]

Meeting Miss Rambo

Hilarious, vivacious and gentle-hearted. Caring, fun and easy-going. These are just a few of the words used to describe the new English teacher who has graced us with her presence at ICS this year. … [Read more...]

Ms. Cantrell: A Glimpse Into the Life of A Staff Member

All of the teachers of ICS are loved and one can never thank God enough for giving them to the school. They dedicate their time, work, and energy to educate students and help them all become the best … [Read more...]