Ashley Pham

Ashley Pham is from Houston, Texas, and was born on August 13, 1997. She was her parents' first child, and she had a lot of physical problems with herself as a baby. She had a heart condition and … [Read more...]

Joshua Ng

Joshua Benjamin Ng, better known as Josh, was born on May 22, 1998. He currently lives in Singapore with his family. Josh is interested in sports, particularly basketball. He is a fan of the NBA (the … [Read more...]

Jen Ning Quan

As a returning Singaporean student at ICS, Jen Ning is taking time to get back into the flow of the ICS Knights community. Jen Ning spends most of her time at the moment submerging herself in the … [Read more...]

Graham Weaver

Graham Weaver was born on April 4, 1999 in Newark, Delaware. When he was two, he and his family moved to Clinton Township, Michigan. He has a brother who is two years younger than him. Graham has … [Read more...]

Deborah Cole

Deborah, who most people call Debs, was born in Singapore, but lived in New Zealand up until January this year. This is her first year being at ICS.  She is the youngest of six children: four girls … [Read more...]

Shannah den Engelsen

Shannah den Engelsen is a seventeen year old sophomore in High School. She is an active swimmer and a former competitive gymnast. Living in Singapore for seven years, this is her first official year … [Read more...]

Victor van Niekerk

Aside from his unteenager-like habit of always being positive, Victor van Niekerk is probably known for his love of food (to him, chicken is more important than water), and his love of people. Living … [Read more...]

Rebekah Ditzenberger

Rebekah Ditzenberger is a fifteen-year-old girl that lives in Singapore with her family. She is the middle child of five children. She has lived in Asia for the majority of her life, yet is from the … [Read more...]