AP Exams

AP Exams are coming up! Many students are taking one or multiple AP classes this year, so they are (hopefully) studying hard for the exams. Here is the schedule in case you missed it from Mr. Ingram … [Read more...]

The Fun Fest

During this time of year, ICS celebrates a day of fun for both teachers and students. It's a great time for fellowship and building relationships with all the people that we know at the school. This … [Read more...]

Week Without Walls — Keep Up With Each Team!

Want to keep up with what each team is doing?   Check out the main ICS page for any update that teams send. Week Without Walls Team Updates   For specific teams, visit these … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a celebration mainly celebrated in China, but it is felt all throughout Asia, including our home, Singapore. You most likely know of the celebration, but do you know everything … [Read more...]

The CHRIST in Christmas

The day has come at last! The 1st of December which has put most of us in to the Christmas spirit! As we, students, teachers, and other staff prepare for this favourite holiday, what's going through … [Read more...]

Encouraging Words

There have been many birthdays in November, but this Friday is the very own high school principal's birthday! Remember to wish him a happy birthday and give that corny guy a pun or two! There are … [Read more...]

Winter Play

Every year, the ICS students produce a play or two, either one time a year or one time per semester. This year, there will be a musical! It is on the 21 and 22 of November. Buy your tickets soon! Come … [Read more...]

English Classes Reading Spree

High school classes this year have taken on a new approach to the English language. In previous years, the curriculum would be divided into sections in which they concentrate on one particular topic, … [Read more...]

Senior Graduation

On the Friday of May 23, the seniors will be graduating from ICS. There will be speeches, honors, celebration, and cakes.  Come to the ICS gym at 7 PM to celebrate their departure from high school! … [Read more...]

Sports Awards Night

On May 10th this Saturday, ICS will be holding the annual Sports Awards Night. Families and friends who come will enjoy the food served at 5:30 PM, and then go up to the gym to watch the awards being … [Read more...]