The Book Thief

Looking for a book to read over the Summer? Look no further! Mark Zusak's The Book Thief is a book you won't regret reading - in fact, you'll probably want to read it more than once. With Death as the … [Read more...]

Movie Review – Cinderella

Hello fellow Knights! This past weekend I had the privilege of watching the new movie in theaters, Cinderella. The movie left everyone in the theaters in good spirits, as the film depicts a … [Read more...]

To our Readers.

Beyond the oceans and seas of student's papers to mark, teachers do, in fact, engage in more mundane activities. One of which is reading. All of us here in Knightly News know very well how ardently … [Read more...]

The Maze Runner – Movie Review (SPOILERS)

I recently went to the theaters to see the movie "The Maze Runner". This movie starred Dylan O'Brien (Thomas), Aml Ameen (Alby), Ki Hong Lee (Minho) and Will Poulter (Gally). Summary The movie … [Read more...]

Classical Author Society

An author whose work has thrived and expanded through history is one, surely, of our tremendous interest. William Shakespeare, the English poet, writer, and actor is indubitably a person whose name … [Read more...]

The Book List

Series Leviathan- Scott Westerfield Fiction, Steampunk, Youth, Adventure. Don't read the last half of the last book. Castaways of the … [Read more...]

Civ V and Thoughts on Dark Souls II

Yes, I know what some of you (if anyone even bothers to read this) may be thinking. “Amos, your game reviews are really boring and overflowing with superlatives that really tend to lead the reader on … [Read more...]


So great is the viewership of the super bowl that it costs $133000 per second to air an advertisement. In this year’s super bowl, the coca cola ad was worth every penny and second. For those who have … [Read more...]

SHINee’s KEY Transforms into the Joker for Halloween?

Kim Ki Bum, better known by his stage name KEY, is a member of SHINee, a South Korean contemporary boy group under the management of SM Ent. SHINee has been in the music business since debuting in May … [Read more...]

Gravity – the sublime terror

The choice for the night’s movie is either About Time or Gravity. I search both the films up on Google; one’s a romantic-comedy, and the other is a sci-fi thriller. Remembering my last experience with … [Read more...]