ICS’s First Ultimate Frisbee Team

ICS has a new sport for third season athletics: Ultimate Frisbee. Run by Mr. Whittaker, the Frisbee team has been practicing since mid-February. The team recently played their second game at West … [Read more...]

Both Varsity Teams Take Home the Gold!

This past weekend of February 6th and 7th, the Varsity boys and girls basketball teams both competed in the final championships game to take either first or second place. As a Knight, Fellow … [Read more...]

High School Basketball

The ICS Knights have pushed hard all year long, through the wins and loses, ups and downs. For the high schoolers, season two (basketball season)  is coming to a close. Teams are finishing up their … [Read more...]

High School Girls First Basketball Game!

On Tuesday, December 2nd, the ICS High School Basketball girls had their very first game for the season. It was a home game, so a lot of students went along to cheer them on. The girls played very … [Read more...]

Soccer Trip to Thailand!

Finishing their season with a bang, the High School Boy's Soccer team travelled to Thailand over the weekend for a tournament. Daniel Jungnickel, Junior at ICS and proud member of the team, first … [Read more...]

Cross Country’s Final Run

The High School Cross Country team competed in their final race on Thursday, the ACSIS championship race. The race happened at Bedok Reservoir. This run ended out Cross Country's season with a bang, … [Read more...]

Avoid Injury

Athletes become injured all throughout sports season and even off-season. Every athlete wants to prevent this. It is somewhat avoidable; however, one can only do so much to keep himself from becoming … [Read more...]

Lady Knights Varsity Basketball!

Season 1 has come to a close, so now is time for season 2 sports! Basketball is the sport for season 2. The ladies have only one varsity team, and the boys have a varsity and a junior varsity team. … [Read more...]

High School Varsity Girls Volleyball Tournament

Here is a quick update on what has been happening lately within the ICS volleyball world! The high school girls participated in the high school volleyball tournament at CIS Lakeside on September … [Read more...]

Advice from the Expert!

Are any of you trying to live a healthy lifestyle? Here are some tips and advice from an exercise expert: Mr. Falcone. He is a living example of how to implant fitness into one's life. His daily … [Read more...]