“That’s the spirit”

To anyone that Mr. Stern has taught, he is no average teacher. In teaching style and in personality, he stands out from most educators. I have the privilege of being in one of his classes, and the … [Read more...]

POLL! Block Schedule

  … [Read more...]

How About Block Schedule?

Block scheduling or not: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler at school to suffer The hours and hours of heavy workloads, Or to make a stand, against this current schedule, and by so … [Read more...]

A Robotics Class

For the first time ever, Robotics is now an ICS extra-curricular activity. Mr. Whittaker will be facilitating it on Thursdays after school. This is both new and exciting, so I asked Mr. Whittaker to … [Read more...]

Ebola, You Say?

The recent outbreaks of Ebola internationally have caused mass panic. West Africa was the receptor of even more negative public reaction than usual, and flights internationally were cancelled. One … [Read more...]

A Short Interview with Amos Chi

Amos Chi – that lovely optimistic young man who views the world through the lenses of optimism and hope – recently caught my attention. At first I wondered if he ever smiled – then I realized he's a … [Read more...]


This Thursday, the girls had their one and only home volleyball game. With literally deafening cheers, ICS students and teachers came to support their team. Thundering voices like EJ's, Migo's, Ian's, … [Read more...]